Fabrice Carbone

architecte d.p.l.g.

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Fabrice Carbone is a DPLG registered architect at the Ordre des Architectes - France. Born in Cannes, South of France, he studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille (ENSA).

Founder of two Cannes based ateliers for architecture and design : Harena, his original studio and Guilhem & Carbone, in association with Richard Guilhem. He designs, develops, and builds projects of various scales. Residentials housing, upscale villas, exhibitions, museums, universities, public infrastructures...

In a continuous research of new horizons, new spaces and concepts. Experiencing Architecture as an expression of life. Striving to transform spaces into timeless moments.



The studio offers a comprehensive spectrum of architecture starting from understanding the customers’ needs, followed by conceptual & development of designs, and finally building and construction. As an atelier, we link the dream to reality, we explore the unknown, and think out of the box.

Architecture is the connection between man and nature, one that triggers our emotions and thoughts, while design is an expression that transforms and impacts. We develop the fantasy of a concept into a structural creation with our commitment to high quality, our special attention to details, our passion to assemble materials while respecting the territory, the space, the built environment and the people.

We offer innovative architectural solutions by developing unique tailor made designs based on the understanding of needs, geographical constraints, and budgetary possibilities.

We are  endlessly enthusiastic, remarkably imaginative, highly adaptable and passionate about what we do. We are enriched by our experiences, driven by our passion for design and successful in creating and delivering dreams.